Social Media – Realtors

  1. Posts
    1. Up to 5 social media posts per week are included in this management package. An individual post can be published on up to three social media channels if the content is suitable.
    2. Listings will be billed at $50 each plus advertising costs at your discretion
      1. There is no limit to the number of posts related to an individual listing
      2. Posts for listings are made at the discretion of the manager
    3. Posts are scheduled one week in advance
      1. This excludes new listings, open houses, and sold posts. These are added as necessary and at the discretion of the manager
      2. Weekend posts (including those for open houses), are scheduled no later than Friday afternoon by 4pm
    4.  Posts for holidays and long weekends are schedule no later than Thursday afternoon by 4pm.
  1. Edits to posts
    1. The following edits to posts are included. All other edits to content will be billed on an individual basis.
      1. Typos and spelling errors
      2. Price adjustments
    2. Edits to posts cannot be made more than 24 hours after posting
    3. Edits to Facebook posts with photos:
      1. Once photos are posted for a listing, edits to those photos including order of appearance, additional images, or banners cannot be changed
  1. Liking, Commenting & Responding
    1. Social Media Management includes:
      1. Liking comments to posts on your business page
      2. Responding to comments on your business page
    2. Responding to page messages
    3. Passing along relevant information such as messages and questions
    4. Filtering comments for your business page
      1. Comments/questions/likes related to your business listings on your broker’s social media pages will be addressed at the discretion of the manager
      2. Comments/questions/likes on other business pages that do not directly relate to your page will not be responded to, liked or addressed
        1. If you would like these addressed, a personal Facebook page can be created and monitored at an additional fee
  1. Page Statistics
    1. Statistics for individual posts (number of likes, comments, reach, etc.), can be provided upon request:
      1. At the conclusion of a paid campaign
      2. Once per month
    2. Page statistics, including page likes, can be provided once a month upon request, or more frequently at an additional charge
    3. Post likes and comments from other business pages can be included at an additional charge
  2. Other Page Updates
    1. Facebook Banner changes, updates or redesigns will be billed separately


Other notes:

  1. Communication and Additional Services
    1. All communication and additional services not outlined above will be billed on a time and materials basis
    2. The billing rate is $45/hour with a 0.25 hour minimum
    3. This includes responses to phone calls, emails, and text messages regarding services not included in this social media management plan
  2. Cancellation of Service
    1. Monthly service charges will be prorated to the date of cancellation