Change is inevitable. Due to evolving technology, businesses are growing and expanding, moving to new levels seemingly every year.  In response, marketing efforts need to keep up with these changes, attempting to catch up with the rapid movement and adjust to the ever-evolving business landscape.

Today, technological revolutionists believe that we are in an era called the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This is an era of technological fusion with many breakthroughs in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Nanotechnology, and Fifth Generation Wireless Technologies (5G).

Given this industrial revolution, marketers need to step up their game to excel effortlessly in the growing competition in the market and to thrive in the business niche. Today, we’ll discuss three of the major digital marketing trends this year that you will need to prepare yourself for.

Marketing Paradigm Shift Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in the realm of business and technology.

You’ve probably heard of AI by now, but do you really know what it is? To put it simply, Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence into machines. It is the creation of intelligent machines that react and work like humans.

As we move further into the 2000s, we’ve seen the introduction of AI in the digital world. Now more than ever, it’s changing the landscape of digital marketing. Delving deeper into this, marketers will soon be influenced by the use of AI when it comes to promoting products or services, boosting business branding, engaging with followers, and even providing customer service.

In the next few years, marketers will further witness the exponential rise of AI that will analyze consumer behavior and their search patterns from their social media accounts. But more than that, AI will soon replace human’s physical efforts in marketing; it will do the job for marketers instead. As early as this year, marketers need to learn the complexity of AI and start utilizing the many marketing facets that the technology can offer so they will not get left behind in a very competitive market.

Marketing Immersion Through Virtual & Augmented Reality

Apart from AI, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two newly introduced technologies which are expected to be hitting the market as digital trends this year.

The good thing about augmented reality is that it allows individuals to insert objects into a real-life setting, as well as add additional items into a virtual environment. This idea then gives them the opportunity to see how it will look like with the insertion of the object. Virtual reality, on the other hand, allows individuals to experience an entirely new environment without having to be there physically.

As you see, these two technological breakthroughs can change the business landscape. Marketers can resort to these two technologies so clients or customers can have a better virtual experience (if the physical location is an issue) of the products or services they’re offering in the digital realm. They will also allow consumers to choose products from a wide range of options. There’s no doubt that this new technology will offer an immersive shopping experience like no other!

Marketing Improvisation Through Chatbot and Email Personalization

Interaction is the key to successful marketing endeavors. While marketers can sell their products or services, consumers are more likely to end up satisfied with acquiring their needs and wants. It’s a win-win situation for both. With that being said, two digital trends that will enhance this interaction are Chatbots and Emails.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users. Most websites now employ the use of Chatbots who directly interact with consumers if they have common questions about the products or services being offered.

On the contrary, email personalization has stepped up the use of regular emails in interacting. Emails have now become more personalized, allowing customer engagement with marketers.

Because of this, the use of email marketing and chatbots will continue to be major B2B marketing trends as well as B2C marketing strategies to be employed this year and in the future.

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