As more people are expected to have Instagram accounts in 2019, this social media platform presents huge potential for social media marketers. The edge of Instagram is that it is mostly images, and humans are very visual beings. Surveys have revealed the general psychological tendencies of its users: narcissistic yet insecure from within themselves. Thus, you can shape your post’s content to strike at the heart of your target audience’s insecurities.

Several Instagram techniques let you massage their ego, heap them with praise, and make them feel that they are the center of the universe, which provides the conducive conditions in convincing them to buy what you’re selling them. In 2019, people are expected to be as narcissistic as ever, and if you want to tap this self-aggrandizing audience to your business ends, you need to spice up the ways you do marketing on Instagram in 2019.

Connect with your audiences using UGC-based ads

Making your content relevant is a necessity for every post you have on Instagram, and it should be made to reinforce your target audience’s preconceptions about the world and themselves. For instance, since your target market is most likely narcissistic, your content must feed into their “I am special” mindset. The best way to make relevant, “I am special” content is to have your users make it themselves, which is the case with user-generated content (UGC). Ads based on UGC don’t feel like ads as far as your brand followers are concerned, as it’s seamless and forms part of their lives, compared to the intrusive feeling they get from traditional advertising.

Also, UGC-based ads make the consumers feel more involved in promoting your brand even without paying them. You deepen your brand’s relationship with your audience and boost your audience’s value and love for themselves in one go when you engage their feelings through a UGC-based advertising strategy.

Connect with your audiences using Instagram Nametags

The customer of 2019 can be described as a question: “why should I buy from you?” The answer can’t be outright flattery. You need to demonstrate credibility that matches your audience’s expectations. By doing so, you command their respect. Also, your target market would feel that they are “special” if someone with a big name approaches them. Instagram nametags let you have that “big name” and the reputation that it provides. These tools enhance your business card and let you tell your potential and current clients that you’re a real deal brand ambassador offline and online. With a simple scan of the name tag code printed on using their smartphones, these people can be redirected to your Instagram account.

Connect with your audiences using live-streaming events

Influencers establish your credibility and relevance to your target audience, which is unsurprising why cosmetic brands have long used influencers to peddle their products. Personality can drive politics and money, and in 2019, the personal charisma of these influencers ranges far and wide where the internet takes them. The influencer is the propagandist, the mouthpiece of your brand, who strikes a chord with your audiences because they see a piece of themselves in their good looks and sweet talk. Since most Instagram users tend to be insecure about themselves, naturally, they tend to gravitate towards alpha personalities.

Rally support and awareness for your brand with influencers. For every dollar you spend on influencers, you can get a sales return of as much as 650%, depending on the skills and base of followers of the influencer. They can appear live on Instagram and engage potential and current brand fans alike.

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