Facebook advertising has become one of today’s most popular and effective ways to establish and enhance brand awareness online. However, before creating multiple campaigns and doubling your advertising budget, make sure that you are well-equipped with knowledge. Here are a few of the myths and misconceptions that you should know in order to remain safe and make the most of the time and effort you’re putting into Facebook ads:

1 – Facebook Ads Are ALL You Need to Establish and Grow Your Brand

Facebook advertising is beneficial because of its extensive usage. However, it is not the only thing that will drive success to your marketing efforts. You may prioritize Facebook advertising, but you should also not forget about other factors.

It’s necessary to create a connection between marketing elements. This can be done by combining the interactive (and most of the time, interruptive) Facebook ad campaigns with ads distributed across search engines, particularly Google.

Furthermore, you should also develop a sound and consistent email marketing strategy. Your promotional emails are best sent to both hot leads and warm leads generated by your Facebook ad campaigns.

2 – It’s Not Possible to Track Behavior Outside Facebook

Facebook ads refer not only to the ads shown on the platform itself, but also those that are distributed across all the platforms under the Facebook umbrella. This includes Instagram, WeChat, and Facebook’s version of Google’s Display Network — the Audience Network.

Because of this interconnection, you can manage your ads and campaigns through one portal, the Facebook Ads Manager. Using this, you can easily distribute multiple ad types all over the Web.

This means that even if your target audience is not part of the 68 percent of Americans who are on Facebook or the almost 30 percent who aren’t on Instagram, there’s still a chance to reach them thanks to Facebook’s wide-reaching marketing and advertising services. You can still monitor the progress and results of ads placed outside Facebook.

3 – Ads That Do Not Get Likes, Comments, and Share Are Performing Badly

Many people think that the more likes, comments, and shares their posts get, the more successful the post. To some extent, this can be considered true. After all, high engagement is how posts go viral.

However, it’s different in terms of ads. While engagement is an important metric that tells you how interesting your ads and posts are, it does not necessarily equate to conversions or sales. On the contrary, when users like, comment, or share your post or ad, likely, their engagement ends there.

What’s a more important metric, then? Click-through rate and conversion rate, of course. Your ads should get people to click on them to visit your website and ultimately, buy your products or subscribe to your services.

4 – Facebook Ads Management is a Walk in the Park

You’ve been using Facebook for years —  a decade even — so how hard can Facebook advertising get? Facebook has made it incredibly easy to promote a post and turn it into a sponsored post (an ad, basically) and this is part of the reason why many think it’s easy to run ads.

However, it takes a while before one can fully make the most of the service and ensure that their advertising budget is not wasted. It’s essential to read and understand Facebook’s guidelines and rules. You should also research and learn the best Facebook ads practices.

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