The truth about running a social media page can be best summed up in this statement: While there are a million and one ways to get it right, there are also a million and one ways to do it wrong. From incorrect targeting to wrong posting times and missed schedules, anybody running a social media page can mess things up in a variety of ways, especially if they are relatively new to the industry.

However, one type of mistake can affect any type of social media manager regardless of how much experience they have: bad posts.

Bad posts can vary depending on what they are about and how they are written, but they can all result in the same effects. They can overshadow the good posts you’ve published, affect the connection you have with your online audience, and ruin your brand image in a matter of minutes.

Having the right knowledge and being mindful can help you stay away from the possibility of washing all your hard work down the drain. As a way to help you out, we’ve put together a list of different types of content you should never, ever post on social media.

Types of posts to avoid

Here’s what to avoid in order to prevent your social media page from being wrecked and losing its valuable followers:

1. Content that has “promotion, promotion, promotion!” written all over it

Out of all the different types of posts that you could make and schedule on your social media page, one kind that can take a toll on your brand name is posts that scream “SALE!”. Regardless of what page you’re running or what your end goal is, the main thing that you should be prioritising is offering value to your followers.

One common mistake that leads to overly promotional content is creating posts that only have your goals in mind. It is a mistake that often manifests in a “sell at all costs” or “salesy” tone. The best way to avoid overly promotional posts is to pay attention to what your audience talks about. Do some research on what is valuable and relevant to your followers.

Then, take all your findings and put them into creating engaging posts. If promotional posts are non-negotiable for your page because they get you the sales you need to stay afloat, follow the 5-3-2 rule. It states that for every ten posts you publish:

  • Five posts are for sharing the content of other people (curation)
  • Three posts are for relevant content you’ve made yourself (this is where you can put in promotion) and
  • Two posts are for personal, fun, and relaxed content that makes your page look friendly and relatable (humanization)

2. Political or religious content

There’s no easier way to create a certain divide between your social media page and its followers than to create political or religious content. It is bound to make a few of your audience feel like they shouldn’t follow you anymore.

Strictly avoiding political or religious content is the smartest thing to do here because these are two subjects that people tend to feel very strongly about. Taking one side can annoy any followers on the other side.

A great way to avoid accidentally posting political or religious content is to sense-check anything you post for neutrality. Doing so can prove to be helpful when avoiding any unwanted controversy.

3. Memes, jokes, and irrelevant viral posts

Now, it might seem tempting to jump on the bandwagon of the latest viral post or ride the coattails of the views, shares, comments, and likes of trending topics. However, if these things aren’t relevant to your brand or business, don’t post them at all.

Reposting a viral video that doesn’t have anything to do with you can cause your brand to veer away from consistency. It can dumb down your other social media efforts and bring about more than one eye roll from your audience.

4. Posts, comments, and messages with spelling or grammatical errors

When running a social media page, it’s important to remember that online users can be hard to please. This means that a post with poor spelling or grammatical errors can prove to be social suicide. Proofread your posts two or three times before publishing them to avoid this simple, yet impactful mistake.

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