7 Deadly Social Media Sins

You know that your customers are online, so you make a business profile to be there as well. You think that you should be on Facebook and maybe Twitter. Instagram also doesn’t sound bad at all. Neither does Pinterest. So, you set all these social media platforms up, then you’re good to go – but wait? Where are all your customers? You’re everywhere, yet you can’t seem to find any valuable customers. Before you give up and run away from Social Media, ask yourself: could it be your businesses fault?

Here are 7 social media sins that are unfortunately all too common:

  1. Gluttony.

    You don’t want to be ‘everywhere’. You want to be where your customers are. You want to go to the social media platforms that your customer demographic mostly uses. You want to be there and be great at those few social media platforms. You want to be there for a reason, not just to be there.

  2. Slowness.

    You don’t want to leave questions and complaints unanswered. Social media is one huge conversation, and word will travel quickly. Be sure to show that you care about your customers and reply in a timely matter. You need to be thankful for your customers – they allow you to connect.

  3. Greedy.

    If you think that you may have found out how to get hundreds or thousands of followers in a fast way – don’t do it. As mentioned in a previous blog post, don’t buy followers. Treat your community like people… not numbers. If you want to get more followers, then work harder on customer relationships, and create better content. Be Better at social media and your followers will come with time.

  4. Lingering.

    What you post on the internet will stay on the internet forever. Make sure you are double checking your posts and comments. You don’t want them to haunt you.

  5. Want.

    Social media is not a quick fix to whatever it is your craving as a business. It is a lot of hard work and dedication, and it takes time. It is a long-term strategy that concludes with business growth. You want to have a plan that isn’t just based on how many likes your post about cats got. It is all about the connections. Connect. Connect. Connect.

  6. Envious.

    Just because everyone else is on a social media platform, doesn’t mean you have to necessarily be. There are different social platforms for different purposes. Know your businesses purpose, then work from there.

  7. Pride.

    Yes, you may have a lot of accounts, but you can’t make them all about you and your business. Customers don’t like seeing a business that posts about themselves all the time. Make the posts more about your customers, while still having some posts about your business too.

Now that you’ve learned about these sins go into social media with a different outlook. Treat your customers the same way you would like to be treated, excite your customers, stop spamming them with your promotions, and you should see clear skies from here on out.