With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time for you to learn how to sprinkle a little holiday spirit into your social media posts. Having a plan now means you’ll be prepared once the holidays get into full swing. Do you hear sleigh bells ringing yet? No? Let’s start getting them ringing, then!

Here are a few tips to help you Christmas-fy your social media accounts:

Decorate Your Profile and Cover Photo

It’s a fantastic idea to design your cover photo to adapt to the current trend and season. In this case, your photos should reflect the Christmas holiday. People going through social media will take notice about the change in your pictures, delving inside for promotions, special offers, and gift ideas!

Create Christmas Specials

As you know by now, Christmas is a time for buying. In fact, most retailers can end up earning up to 20 percent of their revenue this time of year.  Any company can take advantage of the holiday season to attract any and every potential customer.

You can do this by using attention-grabbing texts such as buy-one-get-one-free, limited quantity, or even special discounts. Put written text in the background so it isn’t’ too distracting and emphasize your discount numbers with a bigger font size to attract customers.

Share the Spirit of Christmas

Social media is used to socialize, hence the name. Whatever you post during Christmas, make sure there is a sprinkle of festivity. Not only will this be making your customers excited for the season, but it will add some festivity to your brand as well! Ask thought-provoking questions to engage your audience. It can be anything from “What’s your favourite holiday?” to “What Christmas food could you eat all year round?”.

Grant a Wish

An excellent way to get your customers to interact is to hold giveaways. Multi-day giveaways can be held as the ’12 Days of Christmas’ to keep the audience wanting more and more. Play games as well! Setting up quizzes for the audience to answer or inviting them to share their photos under a specific theme is a great way to get them to participate as well.

You can keep it fresh with daily posts that include information about rewards, a countdown to the end of the competition, or even the daily announcement of winners. Remember to keep everything uniform. Use the same imagery for the same promotions. This will allow your customers to differentiate between different promos and improve brand recall. Add more to the holiday spirit by utilizing Christmas-themed templates into your backgrounds.

If you decide to reinforce your brand in your posts, place your logo on the corner of your post. Keep it small so that it won’t be too distracting.

Start Off with an Event

Want your invitations to a party to be noticed? Give it some extra flair with different shapes and decorations, mixed with eye-catching colours that fall in line with the Christmas spirit! Use holiday-themed typefaces for headlines and choose easy-to-read fonts when sharing information about the time and location of the event.

The Magic is in Giving

Christmas is a time where we are all reminded that giving is better than receiving. Implement this idea into your posts. Run charity programs online that also engage your customers. A great example would be ‘for every 1000 likes, we will donate 1000 dollars’ and so on. Other ideas can include hashtags — say, for every hashtag, you can donate 1 more dollar.

Give a Shout Out to the People

The only way you are going to reach potential customers is to share what you have to offer with them. A surefire way to do this is to market your messages through online channels. These channels can include banners and social media ads. Make sure it pops from the background. If you’re on Facebook, try and avoid white and blue, as you do not want to blend in with the environment. Another thing to make sure of is that the text covers no more than 20 percent of the ad itself.

Remember —  there are also after-Christmas sales. Get your creative juices flowing and promote your brand in fun and exciting ways. Not only will your customers have a fun time, but you will reap all the benefits of this beautiful season too!

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