In the world of marketing, social media provides many avenues to explore and expand your audiences. There’s no denying that social media platforms are a great place to pursue clever and innovating advertising campaigns. But when it comes down to it, don’t take the community management aspect of social media for granted.

Sure, content is king. Fresh, compelling content can make a difference in how your brand will stand out in social media. However, these days, it’s extremely important to include community management into any marketing plan. A robust community management strategy can help maintain your brand’s reputation, create engagement with your audience, and keep up with future marketing opportunities.

A community manager has more responsibilities than merely replying to comments. That’s why it can be rather tricky to deal with and update your community management approach.

If you want to improve your community management endeavor or want to take it to the next level, here are a few essential tips for effective social media marketing:

Gratitude and Rewards for Loyal Fans

The first thing to consider is rewarding your ultimate, loyal fans. Facebook now makes it easier than ever to see who your top fans are, with easy to understand badges next to their names. It’s great to see a handful of individuals gravitating to your brand, much more to see them loving your products or services. Chances are they get excited by any new post on your social media accounts.

In return, what better way to thank them for their support than to come up with surprises? Provide a free sample, discounts, or even a GIF to show gratitude to your dedicated fans. Gratitude is essential, and rewards can be the best means to express this.

Personal Rapport and Proactive Engagement

It’s no longer only about branding on social media. Social media has become more about community, a place where people interact with one another. Establishing personal rapport with your audience is paramount, rather than focusing simply on professionalism. It’s important to build connections with your online community in a profound way, which can be achieved through one-on-one conversations.

Proactive Engagement is one great approach to establish good relationships. Although some companies are hesitant about the community management approach in social media, you’ll be surprised how this can pay off the in the long run, once followers have started putting their trust and confidence in your brand.

Transparency and Leadership in Social Space

When it comes to social media marketing, companies need to be as transparent as they can be on social media. Consumers are much smarter these days, and their behaviors are unpredictable. They are highly critical and will know if your brand isn’t being honest and real.

That’s why it’s best to acknowledge negative and positive comments equally and respond accordingly. Doing so means building trust with your audience and showing prospective followers that you care about the community.

Along with this is taking the lead as a brand. A brand should lead the audience, given its area of expertise. You should become an expert on the people and fans who follow you on social media. You have to tell followers how to interact with your brand via calls to action. These may include a hashtag to use, building content calendar inspired by fans and many more. In the end, striking a balance between transparency and leadership will help build loyal fans & regular customers in the long run.


Our community management tips above can take your social media marketing to the next level. Rewarding your fans, building good interpersonal relationships with your customers, and being transparent yet taking the lead, will make significant differences in your social media marketing.

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