It may be a few months out, but Christmas is drawing nearer. This means that it’s about time to start thinking about ways to promote your business during the festive season. If you don’t know where to start but you have a social media account for your business, you’re already halfway there! Here are five ways that you can use your social media accounts to run Christmas campaigns:

1 – Share Video Content

Making a good video isn’t easy. It takes a team and a lot of hard work to put together a video worth watching. Here are some tips to help you make an excellent video:

  • Focus on the message you want your audience to receive about your business.
  • Keep your video interesting by implement a lot of visuals that focus on your business concept.
  • Sprinkle in a bit of humour to keep everything fun or connect with your viewer’s emotions to make something unforgettable yet informative.

These quick tips will help you create a more powerful video and even motivate your customers to share your videos with others. Your videos don’t have to be an hour long. Remember vines? Six seconds can be incredibly impactful. Even a minute of content is perfect if you’re short on time and cannot dedicate more to editing.

2 – Encourage User-Generated Christmas Content

Instead of you doing all the hard work, why not get your customers to contribute? Not only will it expose your brand to other audiences, but it will also get your customers to engage. You can get to see all the creativity your customer base has to offer. This is one of the best marketing plans you can ever try.

When you motivate your customers in your campaigns with hashtags, you create a loyal audience and strengthen your credibility. This also significantly boosts customer engagement with your brand.

3 – Run Giveaways

Giveaways work very effectively, especially when conducted through social media. You can reach an even wider audience if you partner with some other businesses. After all, who doesn’t want to win awesome products for free? Everyone wants to be a part of a giveaway. Just make sure to put the spotlight on your products!

You can choose to either do one massive giveaway or run multiple smaller giveaways, depending on how much you’re willing to offer. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant. The rewards can be a gift certificate or a gift card to use in your stores. This is a perfect gift because people are usually on a lookout for these types of gifts.

4 – Make a Gift Guide

Your customers are on the hunt for gifts at this time of year. Why not make a buying guide? You can create multiple guides to tailor to men, women, and children. You can even make a guide on buying gifts for pets!

If you’re offering special promotions on your products or services, make sure that the information is communicated to everyone. You can connect your gift guide with your promos to enhance your sales even further. Excellent gift guides tend to be shared around in social media—another win for you!

5 – Host the “12 Days of Christmas”

Remember the song ’12 Days of Christmas’? You can integrate it into your marketing campaign. Create a pattern for the 12 days of Christmas and share it appropriately. Don’t just advertise a product for each day. Instead, you should make it fun, like an animated post highlighting your product.

Be sure to imbibe your posts with the holiday spirit. No one likes a lifeless company. Offer some form of value to your customers as well. This can include daily promotions and discounts that are exclusive to that specific day.  Remember—keep your posting frequency down to one post a day for the 12 Days of Christmas. This will entice your target audience to follow your posts, making them curious about what will be offered next.

There are so many ways to run your Christmas social media campaigns. Remember—focus on the holiday itself. Keep your branding to a minimal. You want to get your customers in a festive mood. After all, that’s where all the fun begins!

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