Many companies have taken their businesses online in order to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. Nowadays, there are many online marketing strategies that you can choose to apply to your company.

One of the marketing tactics that can yield incredible results is a hashtag strategy. Hashtags are used vastly among internet users. Originally, the feature was not created for marketing purposes. However, marketers have found that it can be incredibly beneficial for connecting with the right customers.

Hashtags are used on multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Are you ready to connect and communicate with your customers? If so, here are a few tips on how you can implement a hashtag strategy:

Know the Limitations of the Hashtag

It is crucial to understand how the hashtag works before trying to implement a strategy. When you publish content with a hashtag, people can tap on it and see all of the posts in that tag. The limitation here is grammatical and spelling errors. A single wrong letter can lead the customer elsewhere. When you implement a hashtag strategy, you need to be particularly careful and precise with grammar and spelling.

One more thing to remember is that spaces and punctuation are not included in hashtags. If you put spaces in a hashtag, you will end up with an incomplete tag. It is recommended that you keep things short and simple for higher engagement.

Stay Flexible on Each Platform

Although you can use hashtags on multiple social media platforms, it is best to vary your methods. When you are on Twitter, try to add one hashtag in every tweet that you send out. This will increase follower engagement immensely. One thing to remember is you should not add more than one hashtag. This isn’t a hard rule, but history has shown that engagement often drops when you have two or more tags on a Twitter post.

Fortunately, this is not the case for posts on Instagram. In fact, you are encouraged to put more than 10 hashtags in a single post. You will see an improvement in interaction on your Instagram posts.

Hashtags are relatively new to Facebook. Not many users put hashtags onto their posts. That being said, you can and should try it out. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to be one of the first businesses to use the hashtag strategy on Facebook?

Do Some Research on the Potential Hashtags

Anyone can create their own hashtag. This is why there are plenty of random ones out there. Before you add any tag, it is best to do some research on it. You should look at how effective would it be to use this particular hashtag. We recommend you start by looking for the ones that people search for the most.

This will increase the chances of getting your posts noticed. Keep in mind that using overused tags is not a great idea. This is because your posts will drown amid the many other ones and disappear in seconds.

On most social media platforms, there is a Trends section where you see the upcoming hashtags. You should check on these trends frequently and follow them. Get creative and post something that is both relevant to your business and the trending hashtag.

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