Statistics show 64% of people say that ads today are annoying and intrusive. According to research, pop-up ads, autoplaying video ads, and online video ads are the most disliked online ad types. This is why 83% of online browsers in the US, UK, Germany, and even France say they like to block ads.

But what about likable ads? You can find them on TV. However, they are definitely less prominent on our mobile phones and in the online realm. This is because we are multi-tasking and have less patience to deal with annoying ads that take up our small screens. That said, it is quite a challenge for advertisers to find their place in the online realm. So today, let’s look at online ad techniques that people may like and that deliver results. Here’s how to earn fans — and not flames.

Facebook Ads

Let’s start with one of the most widely used advertising platforms out there: Facebook. According to Hubspot, great ads must contain the following characteristics: relevance, attractive visual content, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and alluring value proposition. It’s common to see ads that meet all of these requirements on Facebook.

Another thing that’s worthy to mention is that Facebook has a way to target the right audience. In this platform, it is possible to expose your target audience to your message without necessarily alienating them with irrelevant ads. As with any marketing scheme, targeting the right audience is paramount and leads to conversion. If you disregard this, shooting ads here and there may cause your ads to be tagged as spam. Causing there to be less value in your marketing endeavor.

High Impact Ads

Another advertising form that breaks barriers in the digital marketing realm is the high impact ad. As the name suggests, high impact ads are – yes, impactful. These digital ad formats are well known for driving higher response rates than standard display ads. Both desktop and mobile ads are created to be visually appealing, ready to capture your audience’s attention before navigating through the rest of the website.

The main feature of high impact ads is that they engage the audience instead of repelling them. This is because of the breakthrough they provide by meeting the consumers’ needs, delivering experiences that transcend, captivate, entertain and inform, and using different platforms and devices. A great example of this is the Burt’s Bees campaign, which earned Undertone OMMA finalist recognition.

Final Words: Better Online Ad Techniques

These are merely two examples that best exemplify great online ad techniques. The question, then, is what do Facebook and High Impact ads entail that make them likable among the public consumers? To pull the aforementioned sections together, they meet the needs of consumers by delivering relevant ads that aren’t intrusive or annoying.

Now the question remains, what makes online ads less likable and even downright irritating? According to a study conducted by Hubspot, intrusiveness, tracking, and slower page load time are some of the areas of concern among online users regarding online ads. The majority of respondents also say that many ads don’t look professional and insult their intelligence. Marketers should be wary, then, about what to consider for their online ads, lest more people end up blocking them.

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