Creating an account on any social media platform is pretty simple and you can do it in no time at all. Whether you’re a business or an independent worker, your audience will be easier to reach if you utilize social media platforms.

Getting on social media is easy, but staying relevant on social media is the hard part. If you have accounts set up but you’re still not sure what to do with them, here are our tips on creating relevant and interesting content.


You’ll want to create structure when it comes to your social media platforms, so what better way to do so than with columns? Creating content will be much easier if you have a structure to it. A structured layout for your posts or whatever content you’re sharing will help you decide where to place things and how to make your social media platforms look readable.

Inspirational Quotes

Try using quotes to excite your followers and prove your value. You want them to see your posts and be inspired to buy your product, check out your site, try your service, or whatever it is you’re trying to achieve with your social media platforms.

Offer Tips

You should already be an expert in your field, meaning you know more about your products and are more skilled at something than most people. Share your helpful tricks and tips in a post! You can share FAQs, manuals, other guides and whatever else your followers might find useful.

Customer Stories

Show off a customer’s story or testimony about their experience with your brand. For example, if someone has an inspirational tale about your brand or product, create a post about it. Share the customer’s photo and a short video (if possible), along with a description.

Get Opinions

Social media is about interaction, so get your audience to engage with you and your content by asking them questions. Ask questions that have to do with your brand so that you can get some feedback on how you’re really doing. Some social media platforms have a poll feature, so use it. You can also start a forum for your audience to discuss ideas or share their opinions. Also, think about what they might want to see more of, whether it’s improvements on an existing product or something new.

Behind the scenes looks

Pull back the curtain on the people behind your products or services through content that shows off the culture of your company. Let your customers see what you do on a daily basis. Give them a look at your offices and the processes behind your operations. Don’t forget to make your content exciting to pique your audience’s interest and gain their trust. This is a great way to brand your company as fun and trustworthy.

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