A lot of B2B businesses are unable to harness the power of Instagram for marketing, which is unfortunate as the platform has incredible potential. The failure to successfully integrate Instagram occurs when a company plans their Instagram marketing efforts without B2B in mind.

They treat their audience as a static receiver who needs to be blasted with ads posing as Instagram graphics. Businesses don’t see this aspect of their Instagram marketing as defective, which is the problem. Instagram’s target audience is growing; these businesses need to change their techniques.

Because so few B2B companies use Instagram for content marketing, using it will make you stand out. Use the following ideas when creating content for your Instagram B2B marketing strategy.

Make your content connect with your followers and target customers

Don’t just treat Instagram as another platform where you can sell. While bombarding users with ads and resorting to unabashed self-promotion on Instagram can be tempting, those tactics will never help you generate the interest needed to make your brand go viral. Most consumers think that marketers try too hard to push them to make a purchase instead of reaching out to them in a way that will sustain their interest.

Therefore, don’t be too overt with your intent if you want to avoid coming across as intrusive. Going overboard will make your Instagram content seem less authentic and valuable. What you need to do is to convince people to try what you have to offer by gaining their trust through your Instagram content.

For you to be successful, your marketing strategies need to be elegant and subtle. Identify gaps in your communication and messaging, which need to be bridged so your Instagram content will resonate with more people.

One way you can do that is by using Instagram to collect feedback. Make people feel their opinions matter, so they’ll develop an affinity with your brand. A mere ad won’t be as valuable to your customers as a post intended to gather feedback. Such a post will give consumers what they’re looking for—someone who actively listens to their concerns.

Appeal to emotions instead of logic

In a world with so many self-proclaimed and trying-hard thought leaders, people will naturally be unable to tell who’s the real deal. The thought leader tack is overused, especially on Instagram. Let people see through the market dominance intrigue that these so-called thought leaders sow by crafting and publishing content that they find valuable.

Statistics without a narrative is boring unless your target market is a bunch of science nerds. Not everyone is as smart as these guys and numbers are too dreary for them to understand, no matter how important the implications are. Infographics just add color, not context and narrative, to hard facts and figures.

You need to make your informative posts appeal to their emotions and biases. People will view what they want to, and your job as a social media marketer is to do just that. With that approach, you’ll earn money from those all over the consumer spectrum: affluent and middle class, backward and progressive, old and young, et cetera. Use the visual appeal of Instagram posts to appeal to your targets’ emotions and inform them at the same time.

Give your audience a sneak peek at your brand

As previously mentioned, emotions and narrative are important, even more so than the act of informing itself. You can use Instagram to tell the story of your business, whether it’s big sales events, product launches, testimonials, et cetera. Sneak peeks through Instagram are a tried-and-tested way to humanize your marketing, making it look less intrusive and more authentic. In the process, you put a face to your brand.

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