You scroll through your social media feeds and look at famous people’s posts about going to the gym, relaxing on a nice beach, going for a jog, or going on vacations. In a lot of these posts, there are usually subtle hints of brand presence there, like a hashtag of the company, or the company being tagged in the post. This is very common, and not a lot of people know that these celebrities are getting paid to post for that specific company. These people are what we call Social Media Influencers.

A social media influencer is a user on social media who has a strong following and established credibility among their followers in a specific industry. A lot of people are persuaded by influencers because they are relatable and can use their virtue and authenticity to reach their audience.

Influencers who you probably recognize: They are interesting, but can you relate to them?

Influencers you probably don’t recognize: they are interesting and easily relatable.

Just because these people don’t have as big of a following as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, or Justin Bieber, doesn’t mean that they can’t reach the people they need to. People have a more personal connection with these Influencers because they are relatable. The reason that influencers like these benefit your business is because of the following:

  1. They have a loyal and wide audience

    People are following these influencers because they are funny and relatable. They get the message across in their own way, and fans love it. Through them, a company can reach wide audiences. Any mention of your brand, brand name, or brand products will amplify your brand’s communication.

  2. Credibility

    Influencers have a large following since they are credible. People follow others who are trustworthy and have high credibility, so influencers generally are all credible if they have a high following.

  3. Content

    Content creation among influencers is extremely important. Every influencer creates their content in a different way. Sometimes companies will try to tell influencers how to promote their products. Usually, the influencer follows along, but sometimes they deny what the company is recommending since they want to stay consistent with their brand image and how they make their own content. On the other hand, influencers sometimes promote your content in a creative way that you may not have thought of. It’s best to guide them, yes, but let them also go off and do their own thing with the promotion of your business.

  4. Good Networking

    Influencers have connections with other influencers and other individuals with large followings. When they share your brand’s post, if other influencers see it and like it, they may, in turn, share it to their post, which then doubles the viewership of your brand. There is constant commenting and talk on these influencers posts, so they are constantly replying and networking back to their fans. This is good for your business because it gets people talking about your company.