Social Media is one of the largest markets in the world. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use social media in their own way and for their own purposes. Whether you’re a small business, or a large corporate business, social media can benefit you.

One of the many questions we often get asked is “What’s the difference between Organic and Paid media?”

Organic Social Media

Organic social media reach is the number of people you can reach for free on social media. People may see these unpaid posts because they follow your business page or their friend has comment on or shared the post. The people who see this content first are the ones who are most likely to engage with your content in some way, whether by clicking, liking, sharing or commenting. Organic content is a great way to get in front of your most interested customers.

It’s best to use organic social media for:

  • Establishing your businesses social proof
  • Maintaining an active online presence
  • Long-term brand building
  • Building a community/fan base

If you want your viewers to see you as an established business, then you need to post frequently. You can’t leave your social media without content or people will lose interest and trust in your business. Social media also allows your customers to talk to your company and encourages your customers to talk to one another. This can increase the loyalty of your customers, as well as improve the business due to customer feedback.

But most businesses cannot rely simply on organic social media reach. Both paid and organic reach should play a specific role in your marketing strategy in order to maximize your ROI.

Paid Social Media

Unlike organic reach which is free, paid reach is the number of people who had a paid post from your Page enter their screen. As mentioned above, you cannot rely solely on organic social media to reach your audience. You sometimes have to pair organic with paid social media. Paid reach expands your audience and can help you find new customers to engage with your content.

It’s best to use paid social media for:

  • Expanding your audience
  • Getting quick results
  • Reaching your existing audience
  • Optimizing for conversions

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to reach your customers online. Even a few dollars a day can increase your followers and ensure both existing customers and potential new customers are seeing your content. Since social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to target specific demographics or behavioral traits, you can ensure your content gets in front of the right people.

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