If you ever want to share content from your business page to your personal Facebook page for all your friends to see, you can follow these steps!

  1. Go to your business’ page, then scroll until you find the post you want to share to your personal Facebook page.
  2. Then, at the bottom of the post there will be Like, Comment, and Share. Next to the share there is a little picture. It should be of your personal profile picture. If it isn’t, that means that you are interacting as your business page.
  3. If you aren’t interacting as your personal profile, then click the little arrow beside the picture.
  4. This allows you to see your personal profile, as well as your businesses profile. Select your personal profile if it isn’t already selected.
  5. Next hit Share on the bottom of the post
  6. It will give you these options to share:If you want to share it without a description, then click Share Now (friends). If you want to share and type a description, then click Share…

    This allows you to type anything you wish about the shared post to your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE.