If you are advertising your business or service online, it is important that you post consistently. Scheduling your Facebook posts can be more efficient than manually publishing your posts on your own. With scheduled posting, you can make all your posts in one go with the media you want to include; then you can set a date and time for it to be posted. Here is why you should consider it:

Stay consistent and post on time

The whole reason you want to post is so that you have consistent content being put out five days a week. The week can get busy, and you might not have time to post daily. With scheduled posting, you can plan all your posts on Sunday and have them post automatically, on time, and without you having to write it up.

It will all already be set and written for you. Planning ahead can be quite important as well. With this tool, you will be posting consistently, even if you are too busy to do it. If you dedicate time to crafting your posts beforehand, you’ll get better quality content as well.

Reach a wider audience

Instead of having to excuse yourself from a dinner party or any other business-related plans just to publish a post, you can make it so that your posts will be published at the times of the day when you are busy, and people are online.

Whether your audience is more active at night, midday, or early in the morning, you won’t have to worry about making the post and publishing it during those times. Instead, you can get to your audience when they are the most active, in specific time zones, which also means you will be reaching a wider audience over time.

You will become a better marketer

Scheduling your Facebook posts means that you will feel more efficient as a business. Instead of trying to multitask to meet due dates, you can have your posts ready in one go to be released on the dates you want them to be released on. Use that to save time and be more productive in other ways. Not only can these tools be useful for Facebook, but on other platforms as well. These kinds of tools can be great for those who are marketing on multiple social media platforms. It will be a lot easier to manage, making you a better marketer.

Becoming more organized

Third-party post scheduling tools can be great for those who want to stay on task and organized. Not only will it force you to come up with a schedule and a plan, but it will also be able to broaden your mind in considering bigger details for an organization as well.

For example, because you are planning to post an advertisement about the launch of a new product, you will want to schedule photographers or videographers to help you make the images that will be included with the post. You will be able to schedule your work life more efficiently when you are working around a plan. At AO Marketing, we use Hootsuite to best serve our clients needs.

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