Online marketing has shown rapid growth in just a few years. As a business, you need to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends as the industry changes pace quickly. In today’s business world, you will find that creating a single marketing funnel is not enough, and you can no longer expect a good return from it. The context is changing, and what worked yesterday will not work today. Therefore, keep in mind that you need to keep up with the changes. Now your goal has shifted from creating leads to gaining the trust of your potential clients, and you also have to be able to convince them to believe that you are the best business that they could work with. How can you do this? By staying fresh in their minds and keeping up with the times!

 Here are four trends that you should know to make 2019 successful in terms of digital marketing!

1. Being relevant is the best strategy

 The digital marketing trends are no longer focused on who collects the most email addresses or who follows up on the most leads. You may have three times as many people subscribed to your mailing list as your competitor does, but not nearly as many conversions. The numbers game will no longer work as consumers are starting to demand more. They want to know the businesses that they are working with and ensure that they are relevant. You have to remember that relevance is key to winning this marketing war.

The company that wins is the one that creates intimacy and relates more with the leads that they have. What you have to do is give your customers the right solution. Deliver it to the right target at the right time. Other than that, always remember that you need to stand out. Give your customers an amazing experience and earn their trust. Don’t forget to feed them with relevant content based on their engagement. To put it simply, pick the right people and give them exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. Doing so will put you on the path to success!

2. Attention is key

 The more you target the type of attention that you can’t monetize, the more it will cost you. Getting the right type of attention is incredibly important. Nowadays, customers are overwhelmed with tons of messages so they are facing a shortage of significant meaning. That means that this is a big chance for you to grab that attention. The more attention you receive, the more customer loyalty you gain, and of course, the more wallets you will capture as well!

Nowadays, the trend has now moved from spreading marketing further to deliver the message to the right audience at the right time. Don’t forget to maximize the moment of that attention you receive.

3. It’s time to focus more on invisible ROI

 Your business success can’t rely on short-term thinking. At this point, you will have to think about how to be successful in the long run. That’s where the idea of invisible ROI comes in and plays its role. If you are focusing on ad spending in lead generation and sales, your success won’t last for long. We’re not saying that you need to stop creating new leads. Getting leads is still important, but you should also see your customers as long-term relationships. Take care of your customers and try not to see them only as the sources of money.

4. Just one platform? No, you need more

Being ahead of the game in a single platform is no longer a factor that leads to marketing success. If you’re doing well on Facebook, great! But what about YouTube or Instagram? Not all YouTube subscribers own Instagram accounts, and not every Facebook user has a Snapchat account.

For this reason, you need to create relevant content for multiple platforms. You might think that doing this will increase your cost and consume more of your time, but remember that today’s technology will help you link from one to another platform easily. You can post your YouTube Blog while you can share it on your Facebook page with a blog post and in-depth article. There are so many platforms today. Learn more and go for it!

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