Tips for Social Media Business

Putting your business on Social Media is always a risk, but it is a good risk considering all of your customers are also on social media. To maintain a good social media business, you might want to follow some of these tips:

  1. Ignoring customer service on social media can cost your business big-time.

    Before social media boomed, customer service was strictly between the customer and the business. Since then, social media has expanded customer service to a world-wide audience. If there is an unhappy customer or an angry customer, they can post on social media for the world to see. Therefore, customer service can’t be ignored online. If other people see that a negative comment didn’t get handled, then they will also have negative connotations about your business.

  2. NEVER delete negative reviews on your social business page or website!

    Another practice that some businesses are guilty of is deleting negative comments. You should never delete a negative comment on your business profile. Simply reply to the comment stating something along the lines of, “We’re so sorry to hear that, if you could send us a private message and explain your problem further we would be more than willing to help you!” Your number one goal when dealing with negative comments is to GET THE CONTENT AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC’S EYE. This way, there won’t be any backlash from other customers in the comment feed, and it leaves that initial negative comment with a good reply from your business.

  3. Don’t buy likes or followers… Please. Just don’t.

    It loses the integrity your brand has to its customers, and the followers have nothing to do with your brand! The more followers you have that don’t interact with your business, the less engagement you will get on your posts and campaigns. You also become a platform for spam – other companies that sell followers will see that you bought some and attack you, wanting you to buy more from them. Lastly, it goes against mostly every social media’s terms of conditions.

  4. A good way to drive reach and engagement is through user-generated content.

    If you have advocates for your brand that post about your brand or post something that relates to your brand, don’t be afraid to share it! It shows that you interact with your customers and you don’t just post about your business all the time. Customers like it when a business talks TO them, not AT them. The way your business treats its customers online can say a lot about it.