It’s apparent now more than ever that businesses are employing the use of digital advertising to boost their brands and promote their products or services. In fact, the total digital advertising spending this year alone sums up to a total of $77.37 billion.

In the next few years, we will continue to see how the digital marketing realm will continue to evolve and expand, employing new innovative technologies and changing the business landscape in the online world.

Today, while some companies have a digital marketing team, most companies choose to hire a professional digital advertising agency with the expertise to handle their marketing tasks for them. There are a wide selection of digital advertising agencies out there waiting to be tapped to help companies with their advertising needs. It’s no longer a question of the lack of supply, but rather an abundance of it.

The fact that there are no shortage of agencies to choose from makes hiring one for your company quite a daunting a task. There are a lot of things to consider when doing so. To help you out, we’ve listed seven factors that can help you choose the right agency for your company. Let’s take a look.

The Agency’s Own Website

On top of the list is the agency’s business website. What better way to tell if an agency is effective than to examine their own online presence? The website entails the business brand, the identity it projects, the core values it upholds, and the products or services it promotes. A glimpse of the agency’s website will hint whether it can truly live up to your expectations. If it catches your attention, this means they can do the same for your company’s website as well.

Past and Present Clients

Past and present clients will have a say on the agency’s competence and reputation. It’s best to contact old clients or visit their websites to see if the advertising agency has done its job right. You can check online reviews and get personal feedback from former and existing clients as well. You can also ask for digital advertising portfolio from the agency itself to see how successful it is in its marketing endeavors.

Digital Technology

It’s imperative that when it comes to cutting-edge technology, this agency should be among those who are updated, relevant, and digitally at-par. Who would want to work with an agency whose marketing endeavors are rather outdated? That said, this agency needs to have the digital tools and technology to come up with a digital strategy, design, innovation, and development – the full digital services that your business needs.

Professional Accolades

When choosing a digital advertising agency for your business, it’s best to hire a team who has received accolades in the digital realm. Showing off awards is something that all digital advertising agencies will do if they’ve won. When you are selecting the right company to work with, why not go for the cream of the crop? Such an agency has all the credibility to do the best work for you.

Specialization Niche

The niche that the agency specializes in should be a determining factor for you in choosing an agency. Some agencies have a general digital advertising scope. However, if you are a business specializing in a particular industry, it’s also best to tap an agency who knows the language of your industry so you and the team can be both on the same page.

Data and Analytics

In the digital realm, data and analytics is a critical part of the overall advertising campaign. In fact, your campaign should start, continue, and end with analytics. An excellent digital advertising agency should know the in’s and out’s of data and analytics. Ongoing analysis and reports and coming up with sound business solutions with the help of technology should be the agency’s vocabulary.


Finally, partnering with a digital advertising agency is a collaborative effort. In the end, it all boils down to your relationship with the agency. A trustworthy agency can certainly make a big difference. It’s best to hire a team you trust and feel confidence in. Establishing a good rapport with your digital advertising agency is an essential element in creating successful advertising campaigns. As partners, you are both responsible for attaining overall business success.

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