There are times when no matter how well-thought-out you believe your marketing campaign is, in the end it doesn’t deliver and you experience failure. But don’t fret, chances are, your brand is going to recover from the mishap. Here are some tips on how you can recover after an unsuccessful marketing campaign and make the next one better:

Listen to what your audience is saying

 Despite your team’s efforts, your campaign failed. Take the opportunity to learn something from the failure, and listen to what your audience is saying. Digital advertising campaigns provide quick audience feedback. It’s very likely your audience will share with you what they think about the campaign and why they don’t like it. You may not agree with all of their comments, and you are unlikely to be happy about them, but the information you can gather can be beneficial in how you redesign your future campaigns.

Acknowledge your mistake

 Whether it is a small mistake or a big blunder, you need to acknowledge that you made an error. When it is small, you can add humor to the mistake and relate to your audience. When the error is a big deal, apologize, reiterate your brand’s mission, and promise to correct the mistakes.

Don’t dwell on it

 Yes, it can be heartbreaking and even embarrassing when a campaign you worked hard on failed. However, avoid dwelling on the past. Bad press is still publicity, and you can take it as an opportunity to turn things around for your brand. Show that you are working hard to make amends and improve your brand. Move on quickly, and your audience will soon forget about your failure.

Develop a new plan

Reflect on what you have learned about the failed campaign, and think about ways to restore your brand’s image. Apply those learnings to your new strategy, and take your customer’s perspective when evaluating your next campaign. You may also need to retarget your audience, and test the campaign on a smaller audience before doing a full-blown re-launch.

Engage more with your audience

Sometimes a marketing campaign fails because of wrong timing or lack of interest among the audience. Continue to engage with them, get their opinion and feedback, and design your marketing efforts based on their specific interests and needs. Take the failure as an opportunity to rethink your strategy and level up your customer engagement.


Mistakes happen, but what matters most is what you do after that. Admit that you made a mistake, make amends, move on, plan a new strategy to restore your brand’s image, and you will recover in no time.

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