There are many benefits to being connected on social media. Customers are often looking for quick answers and expect instant replies through online channels. People are often hesitant to call a phone number, but have no problem sending a quick Facebook message. This is why it’s more important than ever to have a dedicated presence online. If customers can’t find easy answers about your business online, they will quickly lose interest and start looking for other options.

Managing your online presence is a full-time job! With so many platforms, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we take care of it for you. From creating and posting content, to responding to comments and messages and funneling sales leads to you, we take care of it so you can focus on your business. Let us look after social media for you, so you can focus on the big picture. We offer a variety of packages across all platforms to meet your business needs.


Facebook and Instagram are two of the most targeted ad platforms out there. They’re ads are both effective and affordable for all businesses. Ads are displayed in the Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds and sidebars to your most qualified clients. Targeting these ads by demographics like age, location, gender, profession and more help generate exception results for a very low cost. Creating custom audiences from your website traffic, and lookalike audiences based on current customers helps ensure you’re reaching the right customers with the right message. With more and more people on Facebook and Instagram these days, it’s potential for a lot of qualified leads.


It’s important that consumers recognize you! Don’t let your business get mixed up with someone else’s. Your social media channels are your voice and your opportunity to connect. It’s your chance to respond to and learn from reviews, share with customers and make yourself more accessible.
Businesses who engage on social media channels have on average higher customer loyalty. A strategic and open social media plan can help influence customer loyalty. Every post on social media is an opportunity to bring in new customers. As you build a following, you’ll also have access to new customers, recent customers and old customers, and you can interact with all of them. Every interaction helps increase the likelihood of converting new customers and maintaining current ones.
At it’s core, social media is about communicating. Every customer interaction on social media is an opportunity to publicly engage with your customers and demonstrate your commitment to high standards. For example, if a customer leaves a bad review on your Facebook page, you can find out exactly what went wrong, why they are upset and immediately address their concerns to rectify the situation. This helps with customer retention and it helps you improve your services and/or products.
Social media is the perfect place to find out what your customers are thinking and saying about you. But it’s not a one-way street. You have the opportunity to influence their decisions and speak one-on-one with them. Because you receive instant feedback, you can truly monitor how certain content effects your customers and their purchasing decisions. You can also target people in your direct area, or with distinct interests with a relatively low budget, and know how many people have seen and responded to your posts. No other media gives you the instant feedback and direct analytic provided by social media posting and advertising. Truly get to know who and where your audience is.

You don’t have to spend a ton of advertising money to see a big impact with social media, but you need to be consistent. Generating and posting content weekly is extremely important, as is quickly responding to customer’s questions, reviews and feedback. If you don’t constantly monitor your social media image, your customers and potential customers will assume you don’t have time for them or don’t appreciate their business. People like to do business with other people and social media is a place where your businesses can act like a person.




Expert opinion on your social media pages and advice for next steps to improve your online presence.



We monitor and respond to all traffic on your social media pages so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Monthly packages are available.



Keep your customers engaged in your business through weekly, daily or monthly social media posts for your business. We customize posting packages to meet your specific needs.



Learn who your customers are. We provide analytics and analysis for your social media pages and use the information to suggest and implement improvements to your online presence.


Business Starter

$395+ HST monthly
  • Social Media Account Audit
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 3 Posts/Week
  • Basic Page Monitoring*
  • $50 Ad Credit
  • Monthly Analytics Report

Business Go Getter

$545+ HST monthly
  • Everything in the Starter Package Plus:
  • Facebook & Instagram + 1 Additional Social Network
  • 4 Posts/Week
  • Facebook Pixel Set Up
  • 1 Ad Per Month
  • $75 Ad Credit

Business Growth

$895+ HST monthly
  • Everything in the Go Getter Package Plus:
  • Facebook & Instagram + 2 Additional Social Networks
  • 5 Posts/Week
  • Advanced Page Monitoring*
  • 1 Hour of Instagram Engagement
  • $100 Ad Credit
*Basic Social Media Monitoring: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.
*Advanced Social Media Monitoring: Monday – Saturday 8am – 7pm.
Prices subject to change without notice. Need something not included in the packages above? We can customize each package to meet your exact needs.
One time onboarding fee of $250 for new customers (fee waived when you sign up for 6 months of service). Other terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more details.

Customers are looking for you online...

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One of the first places many people go to look for and contact a business or service is Facebook. Are you seeing their questions, comments, or concerns and responding in a timely and meaningful way? With social media management, you can focus on your business and leave your social media to us!


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