When it comes to making your business’ online presence successful on Instagram, you have to focus on your account’s visual appeal. However, improving visual appeal does not end with mastering filter functions alone.

One way that you can enhance visual appeal is through your visual grid or Instagram layout. Impart a pleasant first impression on your viewers by deliberately producing and timing publication of content meant to create a fantastic mosaic. You can attract new customers and sustain interest in your brand by beautifying your Instagram account layout grid.

Not convinced about the importance of a good Instagram layout? Here’s what you need to know:

Instagram layout grids

Try posting a series of alternating red and blue pictures in your Instagram account. What look does it produce? That’s the essence of an Instagram layout grid: it’s like a mosaic formed by your feed of visuals that you upload on the platform.

Thus, Instagram is not just about making individual posts, but about consciously producing a series of posts that create a distinctive aesthetic known to your brand alone. View your Instagram’s layout grid. What does it tell visitors about your brand, your products, or services? Take down notes on your observation, and compare these observations to what you want your brand to say.

Advantages of having a planned Instagram layout grid

Your most recent posts push the other tiles of images you have previously updated. This means you can plan your posts in such a way that creates a grid with great visual appeal. Planning would also help streamline your posting process. But what else are the benefits of planning your Instagram layout consciously?

1.  Strike a great first impression among your followers and audiences

First impressions are essential in capturing the interest of your potential customers, so you can expand your current base of followers and retain those already following you. That being said, you only have three or so seconds to get their attention. With a well-curated grid, you can turn your Instagram account into an eye-catcher which you can use as a platform for further engagement.

2. Set yourself apart from competitors

What experience can your brand provide for your potential customers hanging out on Instagram that others can’t? The answer is a visual brand strategy that will make your brand known through your account’s overall aesthetic, which is precisely what a planned Instagram layout grid aims to do. Make a mark on your audience’s’ minds through this grid to stand out from your competitors and grow your business. In the process, you get to attract people who will be impressed with your brand so much that they will share your post with others, in turn attracting more traffic.

3. Systematize the way you are active on social media

Being active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook involves more than just posting aimless content now and then. You need to be more methodical and systematic in your approach to make your social media marketing efforts in Instagram more effective and efficient.

Thus, when you plan your Instagram posts, you also have to come up with uploads that stick to your branding and marketing message objectives. Have better flow and better aesthetic through a more systematic, calculated, and logical way of posting to create a layout grid for your account that will strike a chord with your target audience.

The makings of a striking Instagram layout

Now that you understand how a planned Instagram layout can benefit your business, you must be wondering what this technique entails. First, make sure you use high-quality images – crisp and smooth.

Second, come up with a consistent theme for your photos’ layout, which should stick to your desired branding. Whether it’s minimalist, festive, or gothic, the theme should remain as it is throughout your grid.

But if you think that you can add a little spice by coming up with a more innovative timing of releases and theme of the grid, there’s no reason to hold back. In line with this thematic consistency, the filter should also be the same on every post you publish. This combination of crispness and consistency would make people associate your brand with those kinds of posts over time.

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