In the world of social media, there is one undisputed fact: Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms across the globe. As of December 31, 2018, statistics show there are over 2.32 billion monthly active FB users worldwide. On average, the Like and Share buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. The average Facebook user has a maximum of 1,500 posts on their news feed each time they log in. However, an average of only 300 posts are viewed.

Given the scope that Facebook reaches worldwide and the number of users active every day, it’s undeniable that the platform is a potent force in today’s society. Many users heavily rely on Facebook for instant self-gratification, news, shopping, and information, as well as constant communication and interaction with friends, colleagues and even acquaintances.

With that being said, Facebook, as a global online community, is almost free. This begs the following question: why are paid Facebook ads and boosted posts still important when the platform itself is already free to use? In this article, we will discuss how Facebook advertising and boosted posts work, why they are still paid, and why they are very important in helping your business gain exposure on the world’s largest social media platform. Shall we begin?

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising can be both powerful and cost-effective. If you’re establishing your online presence, it can help you earn instant ‘likes’ and gain targeted followers. These ads allow you to narrow down your audience by limiting it to a specific size based on age, gender, location, and even interests and behaviours. Facebook will then serve these ads to that particular audience. Barometers used to gauge the effectivity of the advertising include Cost Per Click (CPC) that measures the number of clicks, and Cost Per Impression (CPM) which estimates each time your ad is shown, regardless of whether or not it is clicked.

On the other hand, Facebook advertising can be more cost-effective as compared to displaying ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or other social media platforms. These can even be cheaper than paid advertising with the likes of Pay-per-click (PPC), Pay-per-Impression (PPI), and displayed ads.

 Boosted Posts

Boosting your posts is one good way to market your brand, particularly when your business page already has plenty of likes. How do boosted posts look like? To put it simply, boosted posts are labelled as sponsored. These would typically appear higher on the user’s news feed, giving your post more prominence.

Through boosted posts, you are not necessarily creating content for advertising; you are merely boosting a post that you’ve already published. Along with this feature is your capability to choose the type of audience you would like your post to be seen. You may choose to either push the post to everyone who has liked your page or strictly to people you would want your post to be seen as your target audience.

Hence, it’s important that you choose the right post that you’d like to boost. This may include a post that promotes your products or services, that spreads awareness of your brand, or that leads to the business website.

Wrapped Up

Ultimately, you might be wondering if it’s really worth paying for Facebook advertising. The question is, given that Facebook is free with 900 million visitors daily, is the cost worth it?

In the advertising realm, it is worthy to take note of the importance of targeted social media marketing. With the help of Facebook Ads and Boosted posts, you can ensure that your marketing effort reaches its target audience, hopefully allowing them to be soon converted into customers in the near future.

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